3 girls & 3 guys : the Neo Soul 6tet. Keyboard, bass, drums - the musicians take immediately to arranging and give a new sound to the music.
They make it sound more funky, more jazzy, fitting the RnB vocal arrangements like a glove. The male musical presence joins the female vocal force... and the dance-floor vibrates.

    How Can You Tell
If You Need Me
Back In Time

  bg voc : Ayemen Allalé & Anais Vathelet
keyboard : Joseph Scola, bass : Emmanuel Paillardon, drums : David Zerathe
recording&mix : Chez Jull
neo soul trio


neo soul trio  

Bo Maria gets with 2 singers/musicians an all-girls-band going. The trio plays the bars and clubs of Paris and for different NGOs, an intimite show, unplugged on demand.

bg voc&jamman looper : Ayemen Allalé or Anais Vathelet
bass, bg voc : Fabienne Pierre-Louis

EP kitschpop      
  Out of pure desire to play her own stuff she decides to record a disc that comes out in 2009, EP Neo Soul "kitschpop" : always funky
with RnB & HipHop influences, sometimes with an oriental and
latin feel to it.
  Bo Maria : vocals/guitar/keyboards/programming
Roger Vincent-Luce "Sonao" : drums (1-3)
"Bass-T" Sebastian Volz : bass (2-6), Felix Toca : bass (1)
mix, production & artwork : Bo Maria - mastering : Sydnée Vion Mastering
photos&make-up : Louis-Henri Baillet
    Baby Back
If You Need Me
    How Can You Tell
Plus La Même
Your Rules
make-up&photos : Louis-Henri Baillet      
Bo Maria / Vie en Vogue
ep kitschpop
  Bo Maria is a trained jazz-singer, musician and song-writer/composer. She writes soul-songs in 4 languages, always with a funky feel to it, inspired by hip-hop as well as latin and oriental music. On stage Bo Maria captures her audience.

She's keeping constantly in touch and opens up to all cultures. Her lyrics deal - in french, english, german and spanish - simply and deeply with the condition of today's modern woman in all her complexity : free, sensitive, joyful, angry, in love, critic, thoughtful, romantic and festive at the same time. Pieces of life, in which everyone can regognize her/himself, funky, fresh and colorful. Her music invites the audience on a journey to a new world.

Bo Maria comes from popmusic, jazz, salsa... after hundrets of shows she feels at ease on every stage and adapts herself to all locations : bars, clubs, festivals, street parties, birthdays, galas and weddings. She performs in France, Switzerland, Germany, from Morocco to Cuba.